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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Beginning

It all started on a Sunday evening, my sister Cathy texted me:  "Want to do a triathlon with me, it's in Early June?"  "1/4 mile swine, 10 mile ride, 2 mile run."  It sounded reasonable.
I replied, "I'll have to check the baseball schedule" as it is my son's final season playing college baseball.  Cathy took the liberty to check the schedule and texted me back that it would be over in time for the event. So I had no excuses.  
I had spent the last 22 years going to the kids' baseball games, soccer games, basketball games, and ice hockey games.  Thanks to my sister, it was time to do something for me - with her!  This is the (sometimes hilarious) story of two 40 something sisters and beginner triathletes, cyber training together from 2 different states.    

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