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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Learning from Barb at the Independence Triathlon

Mike sprints to the finish

Just 2 weeks after Got the Nerve, Mike and I decided to head back to what had been our first race ever. It's such a well-run event put on by Piranha sports in a superb venue that I hold other races to its standard.

As I looked at my times from 2 years' ago, I knew it was going to be a challenge to beat them. I had been in top fitness then -- but a month and a half later disappointed when I couldn't complete my season goals after getting injured. This year I was thankful to be running pain free.

Mike and I drove down on Saturday morning and did a warm up bike and nice walk along the lake.  We checked into the hotel, got some dinner and went to bed early, discussing we would leave at 5:45am.  The next morning, at 5:40am, I told Mike I would run and toast my bagel and he could meet me out front.  At 5:45am he wasn’t in sight so I went back to the room and he was still getting ready.  I didn’t want to rush him so I waited.  But at 5:55am as he was flossing every tooth, I had to question if flossing was a new pre-race strategy.  He had forgotten our departure time, thinking we were leaving at 6:00am not arriving at the race venue at 6:00am!  At this point he did have to rush and when we arrived at the race venue, he discovered he was without his bike number.  Fortunately, the race personnel were very accommodating. 

We were disappointed family couldn't join us this time but the first weekend in June is always hit or miss with college reunions and graduations. So I took Barb's spirit with me and quickly into the race had a deju vu from 3 years ago as another woman in my age group and I kept leap frogging each other on the bike. "You're hard a one to catch #268 she greeted me on one such encounter." In the end, I beat her (#269) on the bike.

Back in T2, the women around me and I were all bumping into each other and many we're apologizing (triathletes are always such nice people) and I'm pretty sure #285 was one of them. Off on the run, I forgot about her but I shouldn't have! I was focused on my own race and trying to push the pace. As I neared the finish line, I picked up speed and heard a lot of cheering for someone. Little did I know, #269 was right on my tail. Thank goodness Barb taught me about the nose finish 3 years ago - #269 and I finished neck in neck with the same time, but they gave the photo finish to me! 6/16 in my age group (#269 was also in my age group).

"Hi my name is Stephanie and I've been following you the whole race”, said #269 as she reached out her hand. Yes, triathletes are the nicest people.
#285 (Stephanie) is right on my tail!

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