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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Finding Your Tribe

Our AC AirBnB Housemates
Over the last 8 years my circle of friends and acquaintances has grown to include more and more fellow triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners.  Quick acquaintances at an event lead to more facebook friends sharing my passion, and now I often find myself tracking and cheering on people in their latest Ironman race.  I have many virtual friends making up my social media feeds, some of whom I have yet to meet.  This really is a wonderful community of people educating, supporting and inspiring each other to do more.  Here’s who’s part of my latest tribe:

Women for Tri:  This is a great global facebook community and an Ironman sponsored initiative to recruit and support more women into the sport and longer distance races, which have been dominated by men.  The Ironman Championship Kona announcers credited Women for Tri with increasing the number of women participating in the longer distances.  It was fun going to the Women for Tri meetups at Atlantic City and starting to meet people in person.  The community also provides a safe place for newbies to ask questions, for women to discuss sensitive and personal topics, and for like-minded triathletes to celebrate small and large victories that people outside the sport “don’t get”.
Women for Tri Meetup at AC 70.3

TriDot:  My training program also has a facebook community that helps provide support, answers questions, and provides new connections with people at races.  The community of coaches is more Southwest / Midwest / West based but coaches can coach virtually and there is a growing a community of racers in the Eastern states and internationally. The coaches give Ironman race previews and onsite support.  They are currently recruiting people into their PreSeason Project (PSP) so if you sign up now you get 2 months free and get started with what I think is a great program that helps you get faster, go longer, and stay injury free with a personalized, data driven plan.

Philadelphia Triathlon Club:  My husband and I joined this club since our friend Diane is part of it, and we do a lot of races where this club races.  There is a supportive facebook community, and we managed to attend both the season kick off and closing parties, and meet members at races.  Our club won our division at the Atlantic City 70.3, and actually had the most points of any division, even the larger clubs!
Philly Tri Club at the Philly Tri

Martha’s Vineyard Cycling Club:  Our weekly Sunday group ride, run by Edgartown Bicycles, consists of year round and seasonal residents and vacationers who hear about our club. The club welcomes a variety of abilities with former pros, elites, and amateurs all joining the weekly ride.  As one of the slower riders, I have a few shortcuts that still allow me to keep up and join the group at our meeting points when I get dropped.
Martha's Vineyard Cycling Club welcomes residents & visitors

Amity Island Running Club:  All you have to do to be a member of this group is show up at Bad Martha’s, a Martha’s Vineyard craft brewery, for their thirsty Thursday evening runs.  They sponsor the Farm Institute 5K, and you’ll see runners in their famous logo shirts at many races on and off the Island throughout the year.
Amity Island Thirsty Thursdays at Bad Martha's Brewery

Housemates:  Whether it’s the annual Mayone house party weekend, or a race venue Airbnb, it’s fun camaraderie to feel like you are in college again with a great group of tri friends.  Well, sort of…..our bed time and alarm clock settings are a little different as is our alcohol consumption than our college days!

Fans:  You don't have to race to be in the Tribe.  Thanks for the support Mom & Dad!
Mom & Dad were Iron Spectators in the AC rainy conditions!

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