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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uber Tasking

Uber-tasking is like Multi-tasking on steroids.  I've been "occuper comme l'enfer", which is french for "busy as hell".  It sounds so much nicer in French, oui?
I've been helping Dad clean out Grandma's house, which has proven to be a daunting task.  Aunt Care and I spent 3 hours alone on the kitchen.  Some of the things we threw away from the refrigerator made me wonder if she had really passed away from food poisoning.  But I remarked that I was glad she didn't waste any of her final days with cleaning, and that I was happy to do it for her.  Work has been very busy which we are grateful for in this bad economy, but I would like to get home before 10pm this week.   We've made several trips to baseball games, 3 weekends in Virginia and a day-trip to Delaware last weekend.  So far the season has been cold, rainy, and windy... motherhood is not for wimps.  I'm on a committee for a local charity sports auction, so there have been early morning meetings and the main event is this Saturday.  Oh, and I managed to pinch in some minor surgery (just a benign polyp that was causing heavy periods) no worries.  But I had to take a few days off from training and a week off from swimming.  I'm gradually working my way back in the pool and enjoyed a great workout last Thursday.  Meanwhile, I have decided that I need professional help.  Not mental as you may be thinking, but in the pool.  I've signed up for 4 swimming lessons at the local college to improve my breathing technique.  So tonight I'll be "nager mon âne loin" which is French for "swimming my ass off" at the college.  It sounds so much better in French, oui?

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