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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Battle Scars

     Cathy told me on Sunday that she had a little mishap on her bike, which I'm sure she will write about when she returns from France.  My first comment was, "that's ok - you're not a real biker unless you have some road rash".  I'm just glad she was ok!  My husband has been in a few serious bike crashes, to the tune of broken ribs, elbow, sternum, wrist, more ribs, a lacerated ear, and 2 concussions.  Some of these occurred while racing, and one while he was headed to the rails to trails and was hit by a car.  Even though Cathy was ok, it brings up a good point... bike crashes can be serious.  Many drivers do not watch out for motorcycles, let alone the average biker.  If you're training, wear a helmet, bright clothing, and never assume a car that you can see or hear, sees you back.  It's easy to lose your "riding focus" when you're having fun flying down the road on your bike, or lost in thoughts of work or an upcoming race.
Dave's Bike after he was hit by a car, decorated
courtesy of his buddy on the police force.
     The last 2 weeks I've been busy with the usual chaos of raising 3 college aged boys and life in general.  Speeding tickets, stolen iphones, short term leases and long term loans.  Car repairs and oil changes, far away trips and airport runs.  Overnighting a car key to the beach, cats going to the vet, and calls to insurance companies.  Anyone reading this should call their mother right now and say, "I love you".  Amidst the insanity, I managed to get in a stress-busting workout yesterday.  20 min walk on the treadmill and light weight workout.  Then an 8 mile ride on my road bike, which in the 90 degree heat may as well have been a hundred miles.  I suffered terribly, which according to the tour de france commentators is a good thing.  I averaged a measly 12.4 miles an hour, but did make it up the mean hill I had considered riding around.  If I add on 3 miles a week, I should be able to do the 25 mile "Ride Round the Valley" at the end of August.

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