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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Clip or Not to Clip

That is the question.  I say clip!  As Cathy mentioned earlier, I was able to pass her going up hill.  Certainly this was due to my ability to pull up as well as push down while wearing my bike shoes.  Don't worry Cathy, I've been riding with clips for probably 10 years now.  But the first time was a different story.  There was no riding down the street, practicing carefully.  My husband just expected me to do it on the first try.  In the parking lot of his office I clipped in just fine, but stopping for traffic to get out of the lot, I fell over flat on my hip.  Yes, it was funny.  And painful.  But I got back in the saddle and it was all downhill from there.  Except for the time I ended up in a cornfield.  What was that thing Cathy said about me having no fear to try new things?  Maybe a little fear is good.
My training, meanwhile has been seldom the last month thanks to a chest cold and now a stomach bug.  However, last week I did go on a successful ride with my husband to start getting ready for the 25 mile "Round the Valley" ride in August.  This was a "recovery ride" for him because he had done a century ride the day before, but the steady pace was just right for me and I practiced spending more time in my "big ring".   Bella & I drove the support car for his 100+ mile venture, an annual pilgrimage to his Mom's place in Bristol.  For the 4th of July we spent the weekend in Philly, took in a show, and spent a good 2 hours walking fast for exercise.  My husband is doing the Gran Fondo ride in Philadelphia early August for the second year in a row, so it's his turn for a big event now and my turn to be a lackie.  Hopefully I'll be back to the gym Thursday for a decent workout and sweat out all of those germs!
At the doctors office today for my stomach bug, he is feeling around like they do - and says, "what's that"?  Then he pauses and says, "Oh my God are those your abs?!"  I guess in Lebanon County, home of opera fudge, honkey eggs, and the whoopee pie, he doesn't see to many girlie six packs.  Keep working on your core strength Cathy!!!!!!!!  

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