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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Triathlon #2: Analyzing the Results

I am truly amazed at the competitiveness of my division of women 40-44. I’m completely happy with my second triathlon, but I still only placed 71/92 in my division. I know I’m competing against women who have more time to train than me – but still! And, I’m very inspired by the older women out there who are equally competitive.

My main goal was to have a better swim so that I could feel better during the rest of the race, which I did. And, my pace in all events improved over the last race. Here’s how I did and what I need to continue to work on:

Swim: It was a much better experience than the first race and I as described in a previous blog, I swam about 70% of it freestyle. This being my worst event, however, it’s still bringing my overall placement way down since I’m placing in the bottom 10% in this event. So, I’ll continue to work on my endurance and open water swimming with the hopes of getting to close to 100% freestyle swimming which will help my speed.

Bike: At an average of 18.35 mph, I had a good pace for my current competency level and considering I had to slow down on parts of the course due to the rain downpour. I’m placing in the top 60% both in my division and amongst all divisions. I’m going to continue to work on my bike speed and getting used to my new bike clip-in pedals.

Run: I had an average pace of 9:39 per mile, which is the best I typically do in training. I’m placing in the top 65% both in my division and amongst all divisions. In order to do better than this, I’ll need to start getting more serious about interval training and working on my speed and not just endurance.

As with the last race, age and gender are not complete determinants of performance as your dedication and training count a lot. I beat my share of younger woman and men of all ages. But, if I had been competing in the W60-64 division, I still would have only placed in third place in the division! These older women are an inspiration!

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