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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I hate odds' blogs

…especially when they are my own and written the same weekend of ironic tragedy -- the unfortunate news of two deaths in the New York City triathlon, both in the swim portion.

Of course, we play the rationalization game – “oh, he was in his sixties”….”she probably didn’t train”…”the water was too choppy”….etc. But, according to her family, she did train. And she was a strong swimmer who swam competitively in high school. There is no logical reason why a 40 year old woman was tragically found floating face down by another swimmer. The autopsies of both athletes are inconclusive.

Of course my friends – triathletes and non-athletes alike – are abuzz in discussion about it. Sadly, the news will probably keep some people away from trying the sport. I know I would have had second thoughts if this tragedy had struck last year. It doesn’t stop my enthusiasm for the sport – I’m hooked now. But, it does give me new respect for taking training and medical conditions seriously. And, I’ll never write an odds blog again.

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