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Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Weeks To Go!

Yay Cathy, the NY bike ride sounds awesome!  Last weekend Cathy and I met in Williamsburg for Derrick's last home game of his collegiate career and senior day.  Thankfully Cathy and Mike got there eventually after a cancelled flight due to a Friday the 13th bird strike.  We enjoyed Saturday's game, a swim in the outdoor pool at her condo, and a delicious seafood dinner with our parents.  The lap pool at the condo was outside and it was cold, pretty much the temperature we can expect for the Tri.  I did the obligatory 1/4 mile before my feet lost circulation and my toes turned white, at which point I went in the hot tub.  Cathy kept swimming and probably did 1/2 mile, while I chatted up some southern strangers in the hot tub.  I was wishing we had our wetsuits and my swim socks!  Baseball season is almost over, the final games are this weekend in Maryland.  I'm not sure how I'll fit in my workouts with day trips to Myd, but I wouldn't miss Derricks last games for a million dollars.  Well maybe for a million dollars so I can pay off the student loans, but it would have to be tax-free.
This week workouts have been good:  10 miles bike and 16 laps Tuesday, and 2 mile run plus 18 laps Thursday.  Also both days I did some weights and / or crunches to keep my core strong.  It has been raining all week which has me thinking the lake will be very cold in 2 weeks.  I'm making lists for my transition areas and checking the maps of the ride / run again.
My favorite energy products lately are Clif Shot Roks for after workouts and Clif Shot Blocks for in between events.  Cathy likes something called "Heed" an all natural electrolyte energy drink which I haven't seen in stores here.
Two weeks to go!!!!

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