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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Hills of Gretna

Gretna Ride

After the Tri, I started concentrating on my biking in preparation for the 25 mile "ride around the valley".  I started out with a couple of 12 mile rides in addition to swimming.  My knee was feeling pretty good and the IT band pain was just about gone, but I decided to take a break from running for a while.  I went on one of my favorite 15 mile rides, only to find one of the main roads chewed up due to construction.  This brings up my next subject, the 'ride around the valley' disappointingly got cancelled due to road construction throughout the county.  I was getting bored with my usual rides, and to boot there was a heat wave; so my husband suggested I try riding in the hills of Mt. Gretna because it's nearly all in the shade.  He gave me directions, which I drew out on a napkin and shoved in my back pocket along with my phone.  Ordinarily this would sound like a bad idea, but I only had to check my cheat sheet once!  The route includes a couple really tough climbs, and a couple fun fast descents.  It's 11 or 12 miles and I can do it in under an hour... it's a great workout!  I did this ride 5-6 times in the last couple weeks, determined to master the tough hill in the middle.  Watching the Tour de France, I am aware of just how much determination it must take for the riders.  The hill I call "tough" registers a 5 on their difficulty rating which starts at 5 - with 1 being the most difficult.  My new favorite cyclist is Bradley Wiggins for telling those "f'ing wankers" to get off their "arses"http://   
My husband and I dusted off our Trek tandem bike for a 20 mile ride on the rails to trails Tuesday.  I had a great workout, but all of the recent biking (which isn't supposed to hurt my knee) has yielded a bit of new and different pain.  Finally, I've made an appointment to see my family doctor to get some x-rays to find out how bad the arthritis is; and perhaps an MRI to check on the original injury and see what's going on with the meniscus and cartilage.  There is no instability, I feel strong and in excellent shape... just getting tired of the aches and pains of the last few years and finally ready to find out what's going on which will help me either fix it - or work around it.

Also, I got a new Trek mountain bike for my birthday and Bella and I have been hitting the rails to trails because it's shady there, and still 90 degrees.

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